They were so busy asking “will it scale?” they forgot to ask “does it need to scale?”


@aral it’s the model VCs push for. Scale as fast as possible. Don’t worry about revenue. Eventually we will turn to ads.

@1ll173r47 @aral Wallstreet's obsession with growth over *EVERYTHING ELSE* is so toxic. It makes good, functional businesses corrupt or causes them to falter and stumble when they were otherwise healthy.

How much growth can you expect out of entrenched giants like Microsoft or Apple? Yet they're constantly being pushed and prodded to expand their empires further.

It's ridiculous.

@crasher35 @aral the focus on short term growth is terrible. Why on earth do companies have to report every three months? Forces companies to think about how to cut costs quickly. Which is almost always layoffs. The incentives are all wrong.

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