Sogo tells me I have -1 unread messages in my inbox.


Maybe it wouldn’t change that many minds, but we need to take this paragraph and present it in a visual way.

Privacy is too abstract for most people to wrap their heads around. Some kind of graphic would go a long way.

Trying out @elementary for the first time.

Really like the look and feel of it.

Pi-hole is telling me that it blocks 49% of queries.

Most blocked yesterda? How many requests you say? 3,324.

Granted, I've got 3 rokus. So they are sending out requests every ~90 seconds? That's crazy.

People already looking for “Clubhouse Managers.” 🤣

Clubhouse...and they are aggressive in getting users to upload address books.

Hah. Guess Jehovah’s Witnesses have gone online. Just got this attachment sent to my work email.


This is the “Get in Touch” page in the Mast iOS app.

Since power is still out, reading a physical book for the first time in a looooong time.

Finally watched Mad Max Fury Road. DP went hard on the orange. Mildly entertaining. Glad I didn’t spend money on theater tickets to watch it.

I assume I’m not the only one who thought about Predator when this guy came on the screen, right?


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