Baseball player on TV said “God made me competitive.”



Is there such a thing as tantric farting?

Asking for a friend.

National. Cornhole. Championships.

On tv.

Announcer: The hole is wide open for Luna…


Yes I have the humor of a 12 year old boy.

As much as I’m supposed to dislike Cloudflare, their services are not half bad at all. Set up a bunch of devices to go through Cloudflare to access a self-hosted app. No major issues at all. Previously had the devices use WireGuard to access app. Setup was painful but it ran perfectly fine afterwards. I have no data to prove this, but using Cloudflare feels quite a bit faster than Wireguard.

Anyone have an indie hackers invitation I could have?

Wow. Just wow.

Was talking to a HR recruiter on Zoom. She asked why I was interested. Gave her an answer.

Then she goes "You must be mixing us up with another company you are interviewing with?"

OH.SHIT. 🥵🥵🥵🥵

HR person was cool about it.

But not expecting a call back. LOL.

“The more money the wealthiest individuals have, the less likely they are to recirculate it and help fuel the velocity of money that’s critical to growth.”

No. Kidding.

Think they are finally catching on.

Haha, didn't know there is a whole niche of publishing paid online courses for free

Eternals is either going to be epic awesome or epic bad.

Sogo tells me I have -1 unread messages in my inbox.


@blueberry @urusan

+1 but I’ve never gotten syncthing to work consistently across multiple machines. It’s probably my fault.

Seafile on the other hand is a straight up Dropbox replacement.

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Photo of a NYC subway advertisement saying

Banks: No fees*
*Unless you move your money, spend your money, look at your money, or breathe our air

@dredmorbius @niconiconi

I agree with the blog post, but there are other considerations.

Programmers/leads/directors aren't the only customers. You have to sell to purchase approvers, maybe boss/CTO/CIO, procurement, sometimes accounting. Even the CEO and board wants to tell their friends they are using some hot new tech (that they don't fully understand)

Google and Amazon don't advertise during TV to target programmers.

And you market to existing customers because brain loves validation.

first world problems 

One crappy thing about WFH. Lawn mowers at 8:30am on Mondays.


“Although Facebook had denounced the NYU researchers and their methods ten months ago, their work was allowed to continue until Tuesday—hours after learning researchers had expanded the project to include Facebook’s role on January 6, the day of the Capitol insurrection.”

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