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Can’t wait to get old and fart loudly whenever I want…just like my old relatives.

LOL..."Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks for 2022"

Seriously? Lots of crud on Medium.

Black Widow was slightly better than average.

Pretty much what I expected.

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Like #RSS? Know #CSS? I created a tool to generate RSS feeds from arbitrary websites using CSS selectors.
And it's called... Feed me up, Scotty!


Is there an institution or process that was democratized and then never had the rich / powerful / highly skilled as gate keepers down the road?

The internet is awesome but massive chunks are controlled by Facebook, Google, Chinese govt, etc.

When I read about DeFi, my eyes glaze over. It’s complex and very people will know how it works. It may be operationally distributed but will be governed by a small number of people. It’s like we are putting a better UX on top of another complex system.

“Collaborating across time zones requires constant, clear communication and coordination, via Slack, documents, and frequent video conferences…”

Ugh. That sounds painful.

“If, however, we bring all this merry crew into a world of unified identity and spill them out in a big, flat, structureless mosh pit of social media, then there will increasingly be people I cannot be seen with and people whose whole selves I can't stomach to see.”

Fascinating read:

I’m not sure if I hate the Swift compiler or Xcode more. The number of non-sensical errors they spit out is numbing.

They are real errors made by me. But maybe I’ve gotten used to how helpful Rust errors are.

Changed my keyboard shortcuts to match Emacs. Never thought I’d say that.

I’m amused when everyone says don’t listen to marketing lies.

It’s not that marketing wants to lie. 2 main reasons why it happens. First, the product / service isn’t good enough to sell itself or the unique value proposition can’t be articulated. Second, there are projections to be met or bad incentives.

Externally, potential users only see the marketing. But the issue is much deeper.


Stephen Miller is starting a group to counter balance the ACLU.

He is a smart guy, and he sounds like a smart guy, till you actually listen to what he is saying. He said the last 2 Supreme Court judges are neutral.

Many will fund the new organization unfortunately.

Interface for new Firefox seems to respond quicker.

Don’t know if websites are actually loading any faster though.

Charged up old phone that still has Snapchat on it.

Good lord the stuff people post…and I saved.

These apps are why I’m glad I don’t have daughters. Unfortunately.

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Nieces and nephews showed me how they use TikTok.

I’m glad I’m not young.

Can we all make Gemini over Tor standard and ditch the rest of the web?

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@1ll173r47 @galaxis it really bothers me how much old white men in high political positions think of children.

Somebody should look into that.

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