@clay @Hyolobrika Well, you're being disingenuous now. I mentioned to you that my friends and family (as well as customers of mine) currently use BTC to exchange services, which you dismissed as hoarding and speculation. You may consider that speculation(?) but the facts are we are using it as a medium of exchange regardless of future value.

@clay @Hyolobrika You might be right, but the dollar is volatile as well, they just hide it with central planning and fixing interest rates. With bitcoin, the rate of new supply is predictable unlike the supply of US dollars. I guess I'm ok with the volatility because the monetary policy itself isn't volatile.

@clay @Hyolobrika I'm not hoarding btc as a speculation. I use bitcoin everyday. Mainly for small debts between my friends and family, but it's becoming more common for customers to pay me in bitcoin if I bring it up.

Like you say, lightning works. Other cryptos do it, but it's too expensive to run nodes on other networks.

@stephanlivera I just downloaded a few. I have been wanting to read "Road to Serfdom" and that is available in pdf

@stephanlivera it's pretty obvious to me. Quit spending on dumb shit and save more in bitcoin.

@ryanjordan I buy dirt-water mix every week. The problem is I can't hodl it for very long.

"We're sorry the cost of living is rising." -Bank of England, other banks too probably

@jimmysong hopefully there's enough liquidity to get out of said shitcoin

@nvk this is basically what Willy Woo said on Peter McCormack's podcast. Either way I'm not selling.

@ck_SNARKs @criptobastardo thanks, didn't know about that podcast. I thought I had subbed all the podcasts

@Catsandcatsandcats I'm not here to answer your question or advocate for a one-party system, but I think you're onto something with wanting to change the current dynamic.

would a no-party system be workable? I've always thought it was odd you have to sort of align your values with a group's position.

@timp @nvk Sir, I am a plumber, I do not belong on github. 😢

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