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@nvk @SpecterWallet @WasabiWallet works with bluewallet as well. I want to get a CC but the DIY hardware wallet options look really cool. I may try both eventually.

@CountBitcoin BTC has helped me cut a lot of useless shit out of my life.

@mate love MATE! thank you for continuing to support arm desktop

crypto bullshit 

@pettter @herag well hey, have fun with terrorism and "direct disruption of state assets" lol whatever that means(are you going to burn the 5G and power plants?)

I'm going to burn some cheap electricity looking for the next block.

crypto bullshit 

@pettter "It’s the same situation as gold and gold mining. The marginal cost of gold mining tends to stay near the price of gold. Gold mining is a waste, but that waste is far less than the utility of having gold available as a medium of exchange.

I think the case will be the same for Bitcoin. The utility of the exchanges made possible by Bitcoin will far exceed the cost of electricity used. Therefore, not having Bitcoin would be the net waste."

crypto bullshit 

>It really doesn't.
How does it not?
>You are correct that Bitcoin is an unbacked pyramid schemed backed by nothing.
It is backed by energy and cryptography

crypto bullshit 

The whole "mutual benefit and trust" doesn't really work in commerce. People will and do regularly cheat in trade(even without money). It enables trade without the need for trusting third parties.

Democratic states already issue money, which they then devalue by printing more of.

Bitcoin has no third entity to guarantee and back the currency. I am verifying my own copy of the ledger as we speak.

crypto bullshit 

@pettter how would you transfer value to other people wishing to trade goods/services with you?

crypto bullshit 

@pettter I don't hate the government, I just don't think it's necessary they control the money supply. The political route has been attempted. Time to fix the money

crypto bullshit 

@pettter so being able to print money at will to fund proxy wars that last 20 years and accomplish nothing isn't energy intensive?

@Coffee @jimmysong it's not wasted. I appreciate all the energy being diverted from fiat institutions

@velexiraptor you should see the alternate world where modern Russia poisons, imprisons, and marks opposition leader Alexei Navalny a terrorist

@nvk bluewallet is awesome. It even lets you see individual utxo and change addresses.

My favorite part is that you can delete your private keys(backup first!) and have a watch-only wallet

@SetecAstronomy @Jack @nvk I do not want to pay my debts to the government in bitcoin. it's pseudonymous, but you can take steps to be private if you chose(much like cash). I'd like to see them ban it. I will still be able to buy.

Keep trying.

@bitcoinmagazine look I get some people can only have btc price exposure through etf because of how their fund/IRA works, but price exposure doesn't show the real value properties of bitcoin. They're still thinking in fiat.

Self custody is where the real value comes from in my opinion.

@ryanjordan if we break ath I'll figuratively shit bricks and admit I'm too conservative about price. I really thought this run was over 2 months ago. wtf do I know, buy more sats

@wewonbyalot @droozilla crypto? I'm talking about bitcoin. There are no accounts and you can buy it p2p

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