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By the confidence of the golden sun of the great east,
May the lotus garden of the Rigden’s wisdom bloom.
May the dark ignorance of sentient beings be dispelled,
May all beings enjoy profound brilliant glory.

Be excellent to each other.

I now donate monthly to this org to start to offset the horrible things I do as a human. I'll give you 50 bucks to take away my guilt.

So sometimes people ( aka the handyman ) smokes right outside his office. Which then fills my living room with the stank for a few min... I need to rig up a speaker that blasts Barbie Girl by Aqua every time he goes on break or something....

But for real.. think he would be offended if I offered him 20 bucks to smoke out in the parking lot?

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Can't wait for WFH to end so I can smell my boss's farts again!

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For Ron Johnson and his time wasting. The voters of Wisconsin need to unseat him in 2022.

Why do you think people still use the corporate Social sites?

May you experience loving kindness and the root of loving kindness.

I have been DRAGGING lately. Being a vampire is hard sometimes.

I like my internet with a little free speech and a whole bunch of nonsense.

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You can use a VPN to like stop a hacker from doing a man in the middle attack at Starbucks or the gym. But if your phone runs Android or has an Apple on it, they have all your credit card numbers, banking passwords, SSN, know all your friends and coworkers, have seen you in the shower, listened to you fuck, and well you better be a good little pre-blackmailed consumer. 😉 Don't grow up and try to pass regulations cause like whoopsie we had a data leak 😉

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