Happy Friday! It's time to play again.

Last week's results: 2 point sources! Ya'll did really well. @holochromatic won a free sticker (can you message me a good address to send it to?)

Do you think this Chandra X-ray observation of a supermassive black hole is 1 or 2 X-ray point sources?

I will send a black hole space time sticker to someone who guesses correctly!

Other cool space stickers can be found at:

For those interested, most of the energy of a point source should lie within 4 pixels of the center pixel

@AdiFoord I would say 1 source, unless it's one hiding another from our POV 🤓

@AdiFoord let's go for 2 on this one, as a trick!

Also, this is my new favorite game.

@AdiFoord @holochromatic

Unsure if this is still running but I think 1 - the center seems pretty concentrated.

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