Really sleepy tonight. Probably because I managed to stay awake all day without taking a nap. If it weren't for the Red Bull, I'd probably be asleep by 9:00 PM.

Playing through the starting area of Stormblood in and I remembered Raubahn Extreme.

Basically, there was a quest where you had to do an instanced battle and you had to talk to Raubahn to start it. But so many people were trying to do it at once it would kick you out once the battle started. Me and my husband were finally able to get it finished when one of the big servers on our data center crashed.

I did some fan art of a Naraka Class Imperial Battleship (remake version)! A while ago, I remember someone posted a video of it where they referred to it as a "flying nose".

Twenty years! To celebrate the twentieth anniversary since Panzer Dragoon Legacy was founded we're introducing a new website redesign aimed at smartphones and tablets!

I want to set up my Xbox so I can put RetroArch on it. But several steps are involved in doing that. I wanna play every Panzer Dragoon game on it.

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