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Got my first chicken. The art style kinda makes it look like the chicken is wearing pants.

Panzer Dragoon Orta decided to glitch out on me tonight when I played. This stuff only happens in Episode 8. I know it's not the Xbox Series S, because it did these things on my Xbox One as well a few years ago.

Anyways, here's some happy things about my special interest instead of bad. I got DOF effects working properly now with GShade in Panzer Dragoon: Remake. Had to change DEPTH_INPUT_IS_UPSIDE_DOWN=0 to a 1 in a file, as well as turning off anti-aliasing.

I adjusted the settings and so far no more motion sickness. Not sure why they thought making the default camera speed extra fast was a good idea.

Really loving this preset that Kiemari made for me. I would have made my own, but because so many steps were involved, I just got confused.

After writing the page on Panzer Dragoon Wiki about baturns, I felt like drawing them. A small family of baturns at the edge of the forest as a morli flies in the sky. Background made with Artbreeder plus some edits to it.

I was going to play Feralheart Unleashed, but the servers died just as I finished making my character, so I wasn't able to play and my plans for this evening were ruined.

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