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This is concept art of a dracolyth from Panzer Dragoon: Remake. These creatures also appear at Uru in Panzer Dragoon Saga. The dracolyths in the games are all juvenile forms of the species.

I did like the scenes and music from End of Evangelion added to it. It's always nice when two things I like show up together.

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Considered sending the video I had just boosted, but didn't want to explain anything about the laser dragon drama if he asked anything about the few seconds something was mentioned. I don't like to share anything about negative things that happen in my life to him. I hardly share positive things with him now, too.

This new 53 minute video from Michael Saba looking back at and discussing game preservation is well worth a watch!

Death mention, ableism, abuse 

It's been a rough year for me. My dad's girlfriend (Don't know if they're married yet and even if they are, I'll never consider her his wife. His actual wife and my mother passed away in 2018) is ableist and decided I was a dangerous psycho because I had a meltdown.

I thought I could trust her, but then she told me that she wanted me to kill myself. She yelled at me. Because of something I couldn't help. It's like getting mad at someone for having a seizure.

It's been a while since I did anything in this style. Also used Paint Tool SAI for this because I don't have a similar brush in Clip Studio Paint. It's Lagi's Armonite form!

fediblock, transphobia  

Should've done this earlier but I forgot. I reached out to the admins of and they never responded.

So #fediblock for this dude

Alts include:

I think the notifications were on some of my game screenshots because when I look at them, it says that there's more notes than there really is. May have just been a spam bot that got banned.

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Really confused right now. Tumblr said I had 9 notifications, and I checked and nothing is there. Was it a spam bot that just got banned? Was it someone who was making rude comments and then blocked me? It's a mystery.

I did used to get rude anonymous asks sent to me until I turned anonymous asks off.

Feeling sleepy tonight. I guess I'll sleep a little earlier than usual. Was going to play a bit of Panzer Dragoon Orta after I worked on the wiki, but was too tired to play video games.

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