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Whenever someone uses the word "lazy", what they actually mean is "doing other things than what I want you to do". It's the peak of control-freak culture.

I’ve finally put the summer duvet on the bed, I really need to get a decent nights sleep. Not wake up at 2am again.

23 years ago, I was lucky enough to get a kidney transplant. It has changed my life for the better. Only visit hospital for regular tests, not three times a week for over three hours. Thank you to my donor family.

Just discovered TopCashback & now disappointed that I’ve missed out on all the grocery shopping money back over last couple of years.

1. Able to have a pyjama day, after a bad night. 2. Libby the Library app for supply of new books. 3. Lovely company in my husband.

Damp morning, clearing up later. Do I go into town for a wander round, or stay local then walk in the park. Will decide after coffee

If my husband lived on his own, I’m sure he’d never open a window. The place would be very stuffy.

Having a kidney transplant, seeing dermatology (long term steroids for transplant), now type 2 diabetic, I agree to any hospital appointment when phoned. They rang back just now, I shouldn’t be on the breast reconstruction surgery list tomorrow so it’s cancelled. I need the hernia surgery clinic lol (incisional due to kidney associated surgeries).

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Lovely friendly board game café discovered in North London yesterday. Nice staff, big selection of games. I'm not sure if it's for public play but they had a copy of Kingdom Death Monster laid out on a table!

Great hot chocolate and chips too.

Recommended. RT, if you want to help out in other ways.

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I don’t like the summer, my skin dries out & feels really uncomfortable. Could be the long-term steroids I’m on, but roll on autumn and winter.

We have thunder and heavy rain here. Love a good storm. - no pets, so no worries.

Just discovered that I now live in a city! Bangor, N Ireland has gained new status, thanks to the jubilee

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Sooo.... People using the Mastodon app, how/where do you find your local and federated timelines, or your direct messages, or lists???

Trying to increase the distance I walk, especially after a couple of days indoors - weather yesterday was just too wet to venture out. Beautiful today so just home. Done 3.9 miles.

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Ask for help, even if it's with something small, when you need it.

I’m looking for advice. Since I’m on long term steroids, I ‘should’ be using sun cream, the highest factor possible on my face. Any I’ve tried I’ve found really dry my skin. Any suggestions for more moisture without losing effect would be great!

A letterbox encased within the wall of a building in Donaghadee. I just love the variety of styles of boxes in the UK.

ok not the usual, some may call them weeds. I think they are beautiful

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