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I need to find more rail enthusiasts to ride with me on the WMATA Metro #ILoveThisCity #washingtondc

Planted from seeds at the beginning of July. Can they fruit before the cold weather kicks in? We are going to find out.

"Innovation" has become a curseword, thanks to...innovation. Some of the world's most imaginative, best-funded sociopaths have spent decades innovating ways to fuck you over. While the whole tech sector likes to get in on this game, no one "innovates" like inkjet printer companies.

Printer companies are true fuckery pioneers: the tactical innovations they've developed in the war on their customers would make Otto von Bismarck blush.


A real remedy - one that would prevent this conduct in future - would be a ban on self-bricking devices altogether, along with immunity from civil and criminal liability for companies and individuals who design defeat devices to un-brick illegally bricked gadgets, under patent, copyright, contract, and all other legal theories.


EFF/Hugh D'Andrade

CC BY 3.0


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When my anxiety is killing me over inconsequential stuff, I tend to do something risky to at least give it a real reason to exist. That tends to calm me.

At 11pm I went on an evening hike on the safest trails in the area. About half a mile in, I encountered a cougar just watching me. Given its height, I thought it was a doe. When it disappeared silently, I knew it was a cat.

Kept going "here kitty kitty" until I found it again. Not a bobcat or a lynx. It was a fucking cougar! >>

Allegedly, cougars haven't been in Maine since 1938. Were it not for my wide angle headlamp, I wouldn't have seen her. After using my spotlight on her when she was hiding & retreating, it was clear this was a cougar. Wasn't spotted or fluffy like a bobcat or a lynx. Shorter more uniform brown fur made her muscle tone visible in her shoulders as she retreated.

Wish I had the sense to start recording, but I was living in the moment. I may be the first human to see a cougar in Maine in 80+ years.

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When we're done tearing down all the confederate statues in the US, can we replace them with statues of Fred Rogers? If we're going to worship any humans, may as well be those like him.

Solid article in the Washington Post about composting; ...not sure why being in NYC makes for a good angle however, while "composting in NYC is hard" in most places, it's easy. #climatechange #composting #methane

In the ’80s and ’90s, the Democrats took a jackhammer to education, housing, and social welfare. This isn’t the story of a weak party unable to defend its earlier gains, but a transformed party demolishing them in service of a new neoliberal ideology.

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