Ya’ll see/hear this?

Audio in videos below refuse to play and when it finally does it sounds like old scratched up wobbly vinyl ?

I hope this is just my iPhone SE Section 8 Bodega ghetto fabulous dumb ass phone going bad

Just in case though ….

Goodnight Black Hat Big Brother 💋xo

Kiss my booty

I set auto delete to 6 months but found website with my 2020 toots?? 🙄

This only happen to me?

Whatever dude. I was doxxed in 1992 by Interpol while vacationing in Peru

So make sure y’all screen shot my OG government troll ass and cc: Marilyn Jean’s FBI File

Thank you and FOH !

Don’t let anyone take advantage of your time, energy and love. Don’t regret or change who are either. Find people who deserve you and reciprocate your love with appreciation. Be smart. That’s all.

Here’s a throwback pic of my booboo bee Pitt Bull - Girl..I love and miss you so much cutie pie ! 💙

Out here on the perimeter there are no stars

Out here we is stoned immaculate

Oh yeah .. 3 hour candle burned out in 15 minutes ,..👀

So yeah

We love you Kurt

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… then my altar went dark blue and quiet ..

Then flame went wild and hot before going out with my trademark- a large shooting flame into heaven

So anyway,.. my point is please send Kurt Cobain some love and play his music if possible 💙

Please and thank you friends 💙

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All chill …

But some force of energy split candle into three flames, k …

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So of course I document this buffoonery, right ? But I start thinking ‘… ‘ hmm KC..you need some prayers ,,?

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This statue exists somewhere in a cemetery

I bet he has blue eyes
and hums Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor

Wow 👀

Mom bought the cutest studio light for me xo 🥰

Guess I can read my CIA encyclopedias at 3am with full glamour makeup, huh ?

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