The 7-Ups (1973)

I dedicate this scene to my beautiful father who taught me how to drive like a boss in Manhattan traffic

That’s why Mercedes Benz is scarred, beat up, and staying that way

Daddy I love you

I set auto delete to 6 months but found website with my 2020 toots?? 🙄

This only happen to me?

Whatever dude. I was doxxed in 1992 by Interpol while vacationing in Peru

So make sure y’all screen shot my OG government troll ass and cc: Marilyn Jean’s FBI File

Thank you and FOH !

Why was so scared of Shireen?? Do you see this ? Running into a hospital to rip away her last shred of dignity ?

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No I don’t have VPN
No I don’t hide online
Video won’t work on YouTube
It cuts out on Invidious

I keep getting blocked when researching Palestine so I’m going to keep posting this Big brother

Kiss my Cuban ass


Slain Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh laid to rest

This is the curious case of former CIA coder Joshua Schultz

An inmate worthy of penpal status and commissary donations if he’s truly being framed

CIA and FBI embarrassing AF handling life in general
And glossing over alleged porn charges? Disgusting

Joshua a threat? Really?? You dumb hoes run out of cyanide pills with Epstein? STFU!

So after hours of exhaustive research re: Shireen Abu Akleh’s assassination I found Bellingcat …dope investigative journalism with free educational resources

Bellingcat is looking for volunteers too. I have so many questions about Shireen and I thought what a privilege it would be to honor her this way.

It’s just a bit daunting

Volunteer info

Shireen Abu Akleh

Has anyone visited Andalusia, Spain?
I’m dying to visit
I just want to drink and dance with beautiful men and women all night.long
🥰 lol

Don’t let anyone take advantage of your time, energy and love. Don’t regret or change who are either. Find people who deserve you and reciprocate your love with appreciation. Be smart. That’s all.

Here’s a throwback pic of my booboo bee Pitt Bull - Girl..I love and miss you so much cutie pie ! 💙

Out here on the perimeter there are no stars

Out here we is stoned immaculate

Oh yeah .. 3 hour candle burned out in 15 minutes ,..👀

So yeah

We love you Kurt

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