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I completed my first hand carved smoking pipes. Two of them represents Cthulhu, one in morta and the other in cherry. I also did a pipe out of olive wood with a huge maw on it.


I built a few tool racks to store my carving tools. I explain how I made it in this video so that fellow woodcarvers can make their own.

I carved those two heads back in 2015 and 2016. They started off as studies for the Brown Jenkin project, and eventually I turned them into custom handles for my Deepwood Ventures blades.


Hi !

The last video for my carving of H.P. Lovecraft's Brown Jenkin carving has been released on Youtube.

If you want to get updated on new videos, please subscribe to my Youtube channel.


The third part of my Brown Jenkin carving video series has been released on Youtube.

Now in 4k ! No more potato-cam...


I'm pretty much done with the body and head. I'll refine it a bit more with diamond files and sandpaper later. All that's left are the arms, the tail and some details on the feet. Almost finished ! 😀

The second part of my Brown Jenkin carving, which is a character that can be found in a short story by H.P. Lovecraft named The Dreams in the Witch House, has been released on Youtube.

Please check it out if you are into that kind of thing.

If you want to get updated on new videos, please subscribe to my Youtube channel.


There are still a few details that need to get smoothed out during the sanding phase, but the face is pretty much finished. On to the arms ! 😃

Worked some more on the face. Also got a new neon light setup for shooting videos. There is also top-down white ring light around the camera, but its light is not picked up much by my cellphone when shot from the side.


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