2014 — 36.2%

2018 — 35%

Tories thrive on piss poor turnout. If you have a vote today and a Tory incumbent, get off your arse and vote for the best placed candidate to kick the Tory out.

2019 dropped to 32.8% turnout.

If the turnout is substantially higher today it *could* indicate the natives are getting restless

(Unless of course the Tories win more councils without losing any council seats — in which case all is lost so EMIGRATE!)

@ShortbreadFairy postal votes all the way this end. All the upsides (no dodging maskless dribblers and touching dribbled on pencils) only one downside — losing the oppo to lie through my teeth and tell the Tory rep I voted for their candidate 😇

Much rather have a cuppa while appending me X.

@Andy_European 😂 We all got a Pencil each and the mad looking woman wasnae standing outside like she normally does. I used to think that she had escaped from a Cult and hoped she would never approach me.

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