For those saying "We should wait to judge Brexit, we're going to do trade deals with the world", remember that, with the new trade deal, we're struggling to sell to our own people in our own country.

And it's the most advanced trade deal we have.

@Andy_European I dunno if this is a ref to the NI Irish sea checks, but:
* It's not an agreed or settled thing that NI is indeed part of the same 'country' in the first instance
* The USA will demand the same sanctity of the GFA and the absence of a tangible border through Ireland, so it's not even a feature of that particular trade deal, rather a prerequisite of probably most big ones.

A pet peeve of mine is the way the Media is going along with the Tory/DUP style of referring to the "NI Protocol" as if it's a standalone document rather than a critical part of a broader trade deal. At least this tweeter got that bit right.

Just wait til the USA attach the NI protocol to their own list of conditions, if the Tories even get that far in negotiations..

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