This is the price we pay for ignoring ALL the warnings for the past 25 yrs.

Tories and Labour have caused this crisis by pandering to profit not people for decades.

💚 next time, eh?

Labour using our 💙 to try and shore up support as they slump in the polls.

Labour spent 13 yrs accelerating the privatisation of our NHS.

Labour has no credibility when it comes to protecting public services.

Want real change? 💚 — leave failed politics behind.

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You want real change?

Then you’re going to have to rethink your voting intentions. Carry on as is, voting Labour, Lib Dem or Tory and get more of the same.

Only one Party offers real, lasting change now.


We have the solutions to the we’re living right here & now — they’re at our fingertips, ready to go.

We just need politicians with the will to implement them.

Tories, Labour and Lib Dem’s have failed us all, repeatedly.

It’s time for real change: 💚

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Here @RichardJMurphy explains how and why Starmer’s long overdue response to rocketing UK energy prices is little more than a fatally flawed and poorly thought through gimmick.

We deserve so much better than this.


If Labour and Tories hadn’t frittered away the past 25 years propping up oil and gas with £bns of our money and invested in renewables instead we’d be energy independent…

💚 to get it.

Still happy with the Labour/Tory death grip on power in the UK or is it time to break free of the past and create a better, cleaner and sustainable future?


‘The drought will not trigger any new action from the Government or water companies’

Phew! Heaven forbid those actually responsible where forced to act.

Far better to punish already ripped off customers, eh?

Want lower bills and clean rivers? 💚

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Crippling UK energy bills to be above £5,000 by April

That we got to this point highlights just how utterly useless Labour are. They have nothing to offer but more of the same.

You want real, lasting change? You’ll have to 💚

We can’t carry on like this! Tories, Labour — the whole stinking mess of our dysfunctional politics are ignoring the no 1 crisis facing us all.

We MUST clear out the deadwood and start afresh. 💚

You want ‘real’ change that will improve all our lives and the planet we live on?

You’re going to have to break the habits of a lifetime and .

Labour will deliver more of the same Tory shite just in a different wrapper…

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How the world's biggest four-day workweek trial run changed people's lives.

if you fancy that as the default position, it’s policy 😘

Labour — lurching from one extreme to the other and in a constant state of acrimonious civil war.

Government in waiting? Do me a favour. 💚

Pity is Labour are only offering more of the same…

You want real change? You’re going to have to break with the habits of a lifetime and 💚

Want to know why Labour gifted the Tories an 80 seat majority?

They’re politically toxic.

Riven by tribalism on both wings it’s an unelectable mess. The hard left prefer the martyrdom of permanent opposition. Give it to them.

and 💚

Here’s a for

Pledge to re-nationalise water and kick the profiteering spivs to touch, slashing water bills and preventing shit in our rivers and seas at a stroke.

He won’t so it’s best to 💚 or see any real change.

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Never ever in my lifetime (not even in ‘96) has the Labour Party made the case so vocally that they are, in fact, the Party of the Tory status quo.

Progressives and those that care about poverty in our country and the survival of our planet CANNOT vote Labour ever again.

Your want the Tories and Toryism out?

You’ll have to and 💚

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So what is the point of Labour?

No wonder they’re so shite at Opposition — they agree with 99% of Tory policies, ffs!

Time to move on from Tory/Tory-lite ping-pong.


‘More specifically, issues such as Brexit and the utilities are moving in one direction, and Starmer seems to be moving in another. I know Labour doesn’t want to be populist, but failing to court popularity stretches the point.’

Labour’s poll leads are down to the Tories trashing themselves. They get their act together and Labour are out of power forever.

Move on. 💚

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