Jill Biden goes down with CoViD19 — double vaxxed *and* double boosted — still sickened.

At some point Government’s are going to wake up and realise humans simply can’t ‘live with CoViD’ anymore than they can ‘live with a hungry tiger’.

is the only route out of this

Perhaps now our ‘leaders’ will realise that ‘living with CoViD’ is a fool hardy fantasy?

Doubtful — it’d probably take Biden being killed by it…

The only root out at the moment is


Whatever it is we’re deluding ourselves we’re doing we aren’t ‘living with CoViD’, humanity is being slowly culled by it…

remains the only reliable/provable end to this pandemic.

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Believe it when you see it, lovers. SARSCoV2🦠 is adept at evolving to overcome immune responses, both infection and vax acquired.

We don’t want to be left with a lethal virus we have no defences to

is only guaranteed route out.


QTWTAIN: Will COVID ever end?

New more infectious 'Centaurus’ variant is here and becoming the dominant SARSCoV2🦠 strain.

Eventually even rightwing loons will have to accept is the only route back to ‘normal life’


How long before even the most ardent free market capitalist eugenicists realise humans can’t actually ‘live with CoViD’?

A million more deaths? Two million? Ten million?

is the only route out of this insanity.

It aint over till the last living human wheezes…

As the BA.5 variant spreads, the risk of coronavirus reinfection grows

There is another way: — might cost ££££s but it’d save millions of lives. Ask China.


Thailand mooting a never ending cycle of vaccination to combat SARSCoV2🦠 — sensible faced with a rapidly mutating virus for which ‘herd immunity’ is impossible.

would be a far simpler and ultimately cheaper solution. How many more need to die before capitalist Govts realise this?


Shanghai retires half of its fangcang quarantine hospitals as daily Covid-19 cases resume falling towards ‘societal ’ goal


North Korea has just reported its first 🦠 outbreak and has gone into hard lockdown ‘as a matter of grave emergency’.

A approach is the only sensible option unless you don’t give a fuck how many die and what damage constant debilitating illness does to your economy…

On 🦠 the West should, instead of bitching at it for implementing a strategy to crush the virus and save human life, follow China’s lead.

We aren’t out of the woods by any rational analysis. Sooner or later our Russian roulette game will end in tears


Because Tories chose to let SARSCoV2🦠 rip through the population, booster vaccines are going to become part of life, as will mask wearing indoors or in crowds outdoors.

You can’t baulk at without damning your population to some long term restrictions or inconveniences - at least until the virus attenuates out of existence, which this one is showing no signs of doing.


Nevertheless — wrong Governments in power at precisely the worst time meant that Asia Pacific efforts to contain SARSCoV2🦠 (while initially highly successful locally) are ultimately futile.

Unless and until there is a global agreement to achieve we will continue to spawn variants — some more deadly than others, ALL more infectious — that’s all a virus exists to do — INFECT.

UK is still loosing two A380s worth of people a week and no-one seems to care 🤷‍♂️

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Puzzled as to why China is determined to keep to protocols to try to crush SARSCoV2🦠 out of existence?

China has 3.6 ICU beds Per 100,000 people compared to the US with 34.7 beds per 100,000 people.

They would be overwhelmed almost immediately with millions dead if they allowed the virus to rip through their population like the UK and wider ‘West’ has.


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