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Here’s how it works:

📉 Tories preside over longest wage stagnation in British history

😡 Millions of workers can’t afford to heat or eat

💪 Trade unions organise workers to fight for better wages

🤯 Tories call us “anti-growth”

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@AnnAubert3@twitter.com @stanfontan@twitter.com @RiderLapierre@twitter.com @bakerstherald@twitter.com UK zones were expanded beyond 45km up to 75km in line with US models where a company must own at least 78 square miles of uninhabited land in order to form separate private Govt's with their own services, this would fit Singham's 'regulatory' framework.

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Just like @KwasiKwarteng@twitter.com, @TrussLiz@twitter.com also lied during her conference speech. As a Sunak backer, you must be keen to get rid of these two, .@JonathanLord@twitter.com? twitter.com/fullfact/status/15

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So is your PM emulating a fictional PM announcing the introduction of concentration camps the reason you are in your party @Geoffrey_Cox@twitter.com ?

What about you @SelaineSaxby@twitter.com ? twitter.com/oldak/status/15776

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Michael Gove knows he lied about Brexit, and now that it's added to the poverty of millions of people... all he can do is grin, dodge and gloat about winning.

@MichaelGove@twitter.com. Everyone can see what you are.

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I argue that the BBC, as much as any other body, caused the disaster that has befallen the UK. Almost every day, it breaks its own rules to give dark-money thinktanks a massive platform, without revealing who funds them and on whose behalf they speak.

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Truss speech: "I grew up in the 80s and 90s.

"I have seen the boarded-up shops

"I have seen families struggling to put food on the table"

....errr, there was a Conservative goverment

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What is responsible for recent anaemic UK growth…?

OBR might give difficult answers for Govt.

Not a 70 year high in tax, because that was never reached.

Indeed avg taxation/ GDP over 25 years since Blair at 32.8% barely above Thatcher average (32.4%)


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A weird cabal of ideological tiny-tots has seized control of the state. As the average rate for a 2 year fixed mortgage hits 5.97 %, there is no prospect of “growth”. Just meta austerity, repossessions, social hardship amid babble about Rwanda and leaving the ECHR. What a crew!

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Theme of Tory conference was “last 12 years have been crap but we are the people to fix it”.

Would you invite a handyman back to repair your house if they had botched every job you gave them over 12 years?

You’d hire a new handyman. Time for the Tories to go.

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Oh dear @trussliz@twitter.com — we’re all the anti-growth coalition now.

Just resign and call a !

You’re even more useless and an even bigger embarrassment to our nation than the corrupt, incompetent lump of lard you replaced.

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Do you think the following services should be run in the private sector or the public sector?

💧 Water
Public: 69%
Private: 19%

📬 Royal Mail
Public: 68%
Private: 21%

🚄 Rail
Public: 67%
Private: 21%

⚡ Energy
Public: 66%
Private: 22%

Via @Survation@twitter.com,25 Jul - 1 Aug.

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Have a look at tomorrow's front page 📰 "Tory policies 'likely caused more deaths than Covid'"

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While odd peer/backbencher can play the populist “I want tax cuts but not spending cuts”, PM/Chancellor can’t (easily) hide from reality that tax cuts ➡️ spending cuts. If you don’t support spending cuts (you shouldn’t given where Britain is in 2022) then don’t call for tax cuts twitter.com/danbloom1/status/1

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Liz Truss enters stage to Moving on Up.

Here are the opening lyrics:

You've done me wrong, your time is up

You took a sip from the devil's cup

You broke my heart, there's no way back

Move right out of here, baby, go on pack your bags

Very apt. I approve. 👍

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A reminder that abandoning the cut to the 45p rate may be important politically. It may matter for the tone of government. It affects inequality. But it is of trivial importance fiscally.

95% of the tax cuts remain in place, and the problems of fiscal sustainability remain. twitter.com/TheIFS/status/1576

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