It’s true you are one of my favorite books to read.

I remember early days of covi the remark made, the cure will be worse than the disease.
Pretty right on.

Somebody come get they mans before he on consignment.

I have seen a number of vaxxed people with a dead eye on the left side. Varying degrees of paralysis around the eye but a cloudy deadness too it.

They spray over our heads. We are the target.

Never expect rich folk to apply themselves on your behalf. This understanding extends to all things.

Vegetables from the store or grown locally are rotting at a very rapid rate. Often they are damaged by the time they are put on the shelf. Some things look as if they have had acid poured on them or rapid growing, black colored mold.
Now look at people. Everyone looks like shit. Celebs look awful. People are going grey in their teens and 20’s, rampant sterility.
There is an anti-creation, anti-human, ecocide being played out at a high rate. Chemtrail and 5g are being user to wipe us out.

Saw my stepfather for the first time in a couple years. He reads MSM and had gotten sick from the Psizer jab.
Anyway, he is an organic commodity crop farmer, I asked him how the season has been, he said,"It's the worst growing season ever. Had a few breakdowns and cant get service or parts."

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NEW - Australian public health chief: "We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the New World Order."

So, technically, US has not paid the 7 trillion for Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Our NDAA spending was above and beyond our war spending. The rest went straight to federal debt.
Taxes are scams, particularly income tax and property tax, in this country, at least.
Most people can quantify social spending as a very small sliver of budget, the rest is all kickbacks,mainly military and often corporate welfare(banks line up for billions everyday of the week).
We don't need an audit...

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