How did your week go? Mine is finishing quite well 😁. Delighted to have had the opportunity of meeting Commander Chris Hadfield. A really inspiring moment. He was amazing with us, very generous with his time answering all our questions

@AstroAnt neat! what did you ask him about? general astronaut stuff?

@2ck we talked about his roots, race exploration, the space sector for Ireland, space and society… loads of things mostly space related. And some astronaut stuff too, of course

@FediThing indeed! 😁. Which it’s a different way of saying that he connected with us all. Engaged with the whole world and made space much approachable. Probably the best commander the ISS has ever had. I feel very luck to have had the opportunity of chatting with him even if it was briefly


Yes, it gets underestimated but anything that emotionally connects space exploration to the public is good for everyone (especially as it's the public that is paying for space exploration!).

Being able to say the video is 100% real life with zero special effects really gets across how amazing the space station is.

Also, I love the way your joy at meeting him is written all over your face! :blobcatgiggle: ("OMG IT'S CHRIS HADFIELD!")

@FediThing I did enjoy that moment, that’s for sure 😄. I was also a bit nervous because I was in charge of the official photos during his visit and I wanted everything to be perfect 😅

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