First in person conference in a long time and first educational conference ever! Super excited to be at . Looking forward to talk about structured student-led research projects.
Loving my conference straps, btw ☺️

Normally I point my camera up towards things in space (galaxies, nebulae, stars…). This time I had the rare opportunity of pointing it to someone who has been to space!
Chris Hadfield looking at the fully assembled final version of EIRSAT-1 at our cleanroom at University College Dublin

New stickers for my laptop. Credit to my awesome wife for getting me the middle one 😅

How did your week go? Mine is finishing quite well 😁. Delighted to have had the opportunity of meeting Commander Chris Hadfield. A really inspiring moment. He was amazing with us, very generous with his time answering all our questions

This happened today!! 😍
The amazing EIRSAT-1 team invited me to help for a few minutes building the final version of Ireland’s first satellite. What an incredible opportunity!

Today I was invited to join the EIRSAT-1 team to their clean room to help tiny bit while they continue working towards building the final version of the satellite. We are building Ireland’s first satellite! A cubesat the size of a shoebox that will monitor the gamma-ray sky with novel technollogy developed here at UCD.
Exciting times!

I was told today that our programme with the Calar Alto 2.2m telescope (big dome on the right) was renewed for another semester with really positive comments from the time allocation committee panel. Looking forward to keep searching for new GRB-SNe connections!

January 19, 2019 was my last opportunity of photographing and enjoying a lunar eclipse. It looks like the clock will continue counting until my next opportunity. Based on the weather forecast, tonight won’t be that night 🤷🏻‍♂️.
Best of luck to everyone that has clear skies tonight!

The 40cm Watcher robotic telescope at Boyden Observatory (South Africa) under a perfect clear night sky last night. Servicing and installing telescopes have many positive things. Enjoying these skies is on top of that list 😁

Working on this “little” friend to make sure it can be up and running again very soon.

Just chilling here at Johannesburg waiting for my 3rd and final flight in a few hours

Leg 2 of 3 from my trip Dublin-Bloemfontein, almost ready. Thinking of the strategy for this 11hour flight 😅

Getting ready for leg 1 of 3. I will be travelling for more than 24hours so expect fly status updates for a little while 😅🤣

Camera ✅
Tripod ✅
Star tracker ✅
Lenses ✅
All ready to hunt some Milky Way and some deep sky objects.
Where do you think I could be possibly going? 🤔

Hello! This is my to this new home 😄. I am an astrophysicist and an astrophotographer. I love talking about the science behind some of these astro-images as well as talking about astro-news.
Oh! I also have 33 episodes of a podcast called Science in Astrophotography (La ciencia en astrofotografía en español) out there. See you around 😃


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