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Working on this “little” friend to make sure it can be up and running again very soon.

Just chilling here at Johannesburg waiting for my 3rd and final flight in a few hours

Leg 2 of 3 from my trip Dublin-Bloemfontein, almost ready. Thinking of the strategy for this 11hour flight 😅

Getting ready for leg 1 of 3. I will be travelling for more than 24hours so expect fly status updates for a little while 😅🤣

Camera ✅
Tripod ✅
Star tracker ✅
Lenses ✅
All ready to hunt some Milky Way and some deep sky objects.
Where do you think I could be possibly going? 🤔

Join us on May 12 at 15:00 CEST for a press conference at the European Southern Observatory on new Milky Way results from the Event Horizon Telescope team!

All details here:

Another tip for new Mastodon users ( like me ):

Unlike Twitter, which shows strangers' posts in your feed once they get popular or once your friends like them, Mastodon appears to only show you posts by people you're following and posts they've boosted ( which is Mastodon-ese for RT )

So if you appreciate someone else's post and you also want your followers to see it too, you need to click those boost arrows. Just clicking the fave star won't make it visible to your followers.

Useful tip for Mastodon newbies like me:

- under Settings > Appearance > Layout you can choose whether you want to see images cropped or not

- when you upload an image, click on Edit and you can choose the focal point that will always be visible even if your image is cropped. No more random cropping like with the bird app!

I love this level of customization 😊

This was my "office" for 7 years back when I worked at ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile. What a view, huh?

That's the Milky Way framed by the entrance corridor to the underground "residencia", where we sleep, eat, etc. I miss those views!

Hello! This is my to this new home 😄. I am an astrophysicist and an astrophotographer. I love talking about the science behind some of these astro-images as well as talking about astro-news.
Oh! I also have 33 episodes of a podcast called Science in Astrophotography (La ciencia en astrofotografía en español) out there. See you around 😃


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