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Fakty TVN (part of Discovery Group) made a pretty nice material about Demi Lovato coming out, inviting some actual non-binary people (Sybil Grzybowskie @mykofanes from Neutral Language Council - the team behind i.a., and Anton Ambroziak from

It has been silently removed. Website returns an HTTP 404 page now. At the time of writing, Atende CDN seems to successfully return the video from the URL saved by,96/demi-lovato-mowi-ze-jest-osoba-niebinarna,1061387.html

collective’s announcement:

Ciekawi Cię, jakiego języka używają polskie osoby niebinarne? Które zaimki i rodzaje gramatyczne są najpopularniejsze? Jakimi etykietkami się opisujemy? Jak te trendy zmieniają się w czasie?

Nas też! Dlatego ruszamy z niebinarnym spisem powszechnym!

“straight ally” is part of LGBTQ+ just like “not racist” is POC


did you know that fancy cars have a massive construction flaw?

they have a phantom energy field in front and back – it might be invisible, but it makes it impossible to park one car in one parking space 😢

My favourite quote from professor Richard Dawkins is not the one where he calls the God of the Old testament a “capriciously malevolent bully”, or any of those where he otherwise openly mocks religion.

It's one where he doesn't even mention religion at all, even though he's destroying its very foundations.

so you're telling me we just got rid of both the United Kingdom AND Adobe Flash?

oh what a blessed night! 😍

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Explaining my polycule when I start talking to someone new always feels like this.

OMG! 🤯

it might have taken me way over an hour, i might have desperately resorted to “the dreaded bifurcation” once, but screw it, i finally cracked the last bloody puzzle of Cracking The Cryptic's Miracle Sudoku app without checking out any hints

and i couldn't be more proud of myself ❤️

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Author talks about how homophobia is not intrinsic to Asian cultures and it's time we stopped believing that. I've been saying this for years, although with my knowledge of being brought up in Hinduism and within the context of South Asia only.
You tell me we have a homophobic, sex shaming culture?
I show you Ardhanareshwar, a half-male half-female deity
I show you Sikhandi, a trans man written into the religious text Mahabharata
I show you all of Kama Sutra and the sculptures that adorn our temples
It's all there in the texts. Everything before Manu Smriti tells a completely different story to the one we know.
The author here speaks more on Chinese context. I thought I should add the South Asian one (albeit only limited to Hindu texts)

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Why do we say ACAB?

"...we don’t say all cops are bad, we say All Cops Are Bastards. We don’t mean bastard as an unpleasant or despicable person. Bastard is taken from the word bastardize meaning corrupt or debase.

[Cops] are corrupted, [firstly,] by the possessions of power. They can use their authority to inflict power on people.

[And secondly,] the very laws that they are trying to enforce are corrupt and they are used to subdue different identities and minorities." by @arh

hi there! ❤️

i wanna make my first toot special, so i guess i'm gonna show off my latest project 😅


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