Baja California Sur - Between the night of Thursday 14 and the afternoon of this January 17, 471 new cases of Coronavirus and 18 deaths were registered, of which 10 were in La Paz; another 377 people recovered, according to the count issued by the Ministry of Health (SSA).
The cumulative total reached 20,410 confirmed cases from the end of March to date;

Mexico’s Health Ministry on Friday reported 9,679 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and 665 additional fatalities, bringing the total in the country to 1,372,243 cases and 121,837 deaths.
The government has said the real number of infected people is likely significantly higher than the confirmed cases.

Pandemic ravages Mexico. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whose public statements have rarely acknowledged the gravity of Mexico’s outbreak, began the month urging Mexicans to forgo the holiday parties that stretch through December into January.

Families across Mexico scaled down Christmas festivities to avoid the spread of coronavirus, while others spent the holiday alone after having lost loved ones to the pandemic that has killed more than 120,000 in Mexico this year.

Despite having promised to demilitarize public security, during his two years in office President López Obrador (widely known as AMLO) has instead expanded the powers of the Mexican armed forces beyond national security tasks. The recent release from a U.S. jail of General Salvador Cienfuegos, the former head of Mexico’s Ministry of Defense (SEDENA), on foreign relations’ grounds tells us something about the military’s new role in the government.

Regarding deaths, a 7% increase was reported by COVID-19, compared to the previous week.
This increase is due to the cold season, since "the number of acute respiratory infections always increases."

Since 2000, almost three-quarters of the 119 journalists murdered in Mexico were killed by firearms, an investigation by the Cartel Project has found – and most of those weapons are imported.

Mexico’s health ministry on Tuesday reported 11,006 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and 800 additional fatalities, bringing the total in the country to 1,193,255 cases and 110,874 deaths.
The true number for both figures given above is almost certainly significantly higher due to the low level of testing nationwide.
Mexico’s testing rate ranks among the lowest in Latin America, with just 0.4 tests per 1,000 people

Brazil has recorded its first possible case of Candida auris, a rare fungus that can cause drug-resistant infections and potential fatalities, the country’s health ministry said on Tuesday.
Brazil’s health regulator Anvisa was alerted on Monday to the possible infection in a patient admitted to an adult intensive care unit in a hospital in the northeastern state of Bahia, according to a ministry statement.

Corrupt Mexican officials have helped drug cartels in the country obtain state-of-the-art spyware which can be used to hack mobile phones, according to a senior DEA official.
As many as 25 private companies – including the Israeli company NSO Group and the Italian firm Hacking Team – have sold surveillance software to Mexican federal and state police forces, but there is little or no regulation of the sector – and no way to control where the spyware ends up, said the officials.

Mexico aims to begin the COVID-19 vaccination process for 125,000 people in December.
Mexico’s Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez Gatell said Mexico will prioritize health workers and elderly people to receive the first 250,000 doses of the two-shot Pfizer vaccine in December and January, with the second phase of Mexico’s vaccination program slated to begin in February.

American politicians and Mexican media and the American press has been quick to tie López Obrador’s actions to his coziness with Trump—and highlight Mexico sharing a stance with Brazil, Russia, and North Korea, all of which have yet to recognize Biden’s win.

Philosophy is a discipline that encourages critical and independent thought and is capable of working towards a better understanding of the world and promoting tolerance and peace.
World Philosophy Day - UNESCO's General Conference was convinced that “the institutionalisation of Philosophy Day at UNESCO as ‘World Philosophy Day’ would win recognition for and give strong impetus to philosophy and, in particular, to the teaching of philosophy in the world”.

The drug maker Pfizer said on Wednesday that its coronavirus vaccine was 95 percent effective and had no serious side effects — the first set of complete results from a late-stage vaccine trial as Covid-19 cases skyrocket around the globe.

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Mexico’s labor market added 92,390 formal tax-paying jobs in August, data from social security institute IMSS showed on Saturday, as the country’s economy claws back jobs lost from the coronavirus spurred slowdown.
The Mexican economy has been especially hard hit by the pandemic, with health authorities confirming on Friday that the official death toll has surpassed 70,000, the fourth highest number of deaths globally.

Mexico reported 5,674 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and 421 additional fatalities on Saturday, bringing its totals to 663,973 infections and 70,604 deaths, according to updated Health Ministry data.
The true number for both figures given above is almost certainly significantly higher due to the low level of testing nationwide. Mexico’s testing rate ranks among the lowest in Latin America, with just 0.4 tests per 1,000 people

Mexico has recorded 122,765 deaths more than would be expected during the pandemic up to August, the health ministry said on Saturday in a report on excess mortality rates, suggesting Mexico’s true coronavirus toll could be much higher.

Photojournalist Ada Luisa Trillo has won the Guardian’s Portfolio Review award at Format photography festival this year. Her powerful piece of work on the migrant caravan follows the people who left Central American countries to reach the US.

Mexico reported 226 more deaths from coronavirus on Sunday, finishing the week with 3,723 fatalities, the lowest total in over two months and lending weight to government assertions it is beating back the pandemic.
Low testing rates have fed concerns that the published data may understate the true extent of the pandemic, and ministry officials also caution that cases could surge again.

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