Right then, fair warning - there may be a number of tweets tonight, starting now. Apologies for polluting timelines if it's not your thing - feel free to mute the hashtag if you'd prefer not to see them.

Otherwise, let the fun begin!

First off the mark, Czech Republic is pretty good and visually impressive - but memorable enough? Perhaps not. 7/12.

has a better song, though mostly less impressive visually. Sticking with a middle score.

I like - might be slower but it's got a nice sound. I like the electro-folky feel. I'd listen to this outside of the competition.

kicks it up a notch - but this is where scoring gets tricky. I don't think it's better than , but obviously very different. 8/12


The Boy is watching for the first time this year. "Why is he taking his top off?" Umm - "must be warm". Then backed up by Graham Norton. Jolly good.

Well sung, but not doing anything for me. The Boy is not impressed either - it's not fast enough! Remind anyone else of Gordon Haskell's How Wonderful You Are?

Male is performing like his voice is actually a theremin. Can he not change pitch without waving his hand? This does nothing for me at all. 3/12.

Now some proper cheese - it would not be Eurovision without novelty songs like this, so bonus points to ! Can this becoming an earworm!

This one from really reminds me of something. I can't quite put my finger on it - does she sound a bit like Boggie (Hungary from a few years back)

Big cheer for (of course) - "because it's the home team" says The Boy! So sport obsessed

So... How do I explain these costumes and dancing then? No questions yet mind!

I wasn't keen on entry in the semi-final (sacrilege) but it's growing on me - not enough for lots of points though. Het spijt me, Nederland

making good use of the standard four chord progression, just like a million other songs. And is he Germany's answer to Eminem?

You can clearly see the through back to music performances of old in and for that I quite like it - it's pleasant and inoffensive and more about the song than the staging perhaps. Not enough to score highly for me though

The Boy is being a very good host - he's just brought me a bottle of red wine, seeing my beer is running low! Or maybe I should be concerned that he thinks I should have that much drink?

The Boy is also being very serious in scoring, checking all his ratings! Good lad

"Why has that person changed? He was wearing white!" Observant, is The Boy - and a very good question! Something fashion; all beyond me!

Another one that as a song I really like. I do like female-led folk music. But that's far to serious for

another cheesy entry and strong competition for Bananas - this might trump it!

Is there an underlying sound of an ice-cream van in this, or am I just hungry?

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@ruari 🤣 What a coincidence - someone said exactly the same thing to me at The Other Place! Must be true!

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