When advocates leaving the car at home for short journeys, perhaps people should finally realise that too many cars is a serious issue for health and environment, and that is a valid option for many of these trips.

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@BicycleBen Huh. Very interesting, and strange... I know they have made some electric bicycles. Here's hoping they shift more of their business that way, it is the future after all, if we're going to have one.

@forteller Yes, transport needs to become multi-modal and for that to become the societal norm, understanding that the car isn't the default but one option suitable only for a subset of journeys.

@BicycleBen It's surprising for a car manufacturer to say that electric cars are not a panacea.
Of course, they don't mention the problems with mining materials for and recycling of batteries, plus that the added pressure on the electrical grid will make it harder to make power generation sustainable.

@jeronim It's an important acknowledgement and a message I'd like Ford to continue to push, along with the other motor manufacturers - electric cars have a place, but future transport must be multi-modal with different means for different journeys.

It's the oft-repeated adage - we need fewer cars, not just newer cars. And it's important to acknowledge that EVs are not "green", only "potentially greener" than ICEs depending on a variety of factors as you mention.

@BicycleBen Of course I agree that this is a step in the right direction. My concern is that this will become the paper straw of transport, lulling people into complacency.

Perhaps a complete life style change is too much to face for many and these small steps can be a good start, but we have so little time left and the trends in transport are not quite pointing in the right direction.

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