ICYMI: I'm jumping on the bandwagon with The Fiets Podcast, covering my everyday and advocacy. Available now on Spotify, Amazon, TuneIn, Podbean, or manual subscription, and coming soon to other services!

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@BicycleBen The way you pronounce fiets as "feets" is a bit off-putting. ;-)

@lopta I'm sure it doesn't have the delightful tonality of a Dutch speaker :) But yes, getting the spelling across is the difficulty for people who are maybe not familiar with the Dutch word.

@BicycleBen Listening again to some Dutch people saying the word, they're closer to "feets" than "fee-ets" so I withdraw my comment. Good luck with the podcast btw! 🚲

@lopta Thanks. I’ve heard a number of subtle variations - I dare say it could regional.

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