How irritating. My good knee is playing up today. Noticed a slightly painful twinge going up/down stairs; also there (to a lesser degree) popping to the shops on the bike. This is either a sign of being forty, or slightly overdoing the for my 400mi+ target (or both).

No proper bike ride today then sadly, I think - don't want to risk damage. Maybe a slow, gentle jaunt around town later, but that'll be it🙁A shame though; I was looking forward to my Sunday "expedition".

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@BicycleBen do you cycle with a knee brace? The heavy duty ones aren’t recommended some of the lighter braces might be able to help.

@AutisticGoblin I don't at the moment, but I've had it suggested to me before especially with regard to walking. It might be worth me looking into it, especially if it starts to become more regular.

@BicycleBen you can try a cheap one to start with just to see if it makes any difference.
(Amazon, dollar store, etc.. )

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