Oh yes! May's target hit, and 400 miles exceeded for only my second time ever! And a day to spare too!

Higham-on-the-Hill is getting into the Jubilee spirit I see, with their knitted decorations, as I get another 20 miles in towards my minimum May target of 401 miles - just 30.2 miles to go!

It would also be nice to be able to walk and cycle eastwards from Anker Mills, under the railway and across to the Liberty Way football ground (even beyond) - a difficult area of town to access without a car. Surely it'd be possible to run a path under this bridge.

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It would be lovely to see this river cleaned up and opened as a leisure route. I know a bit of this is due to happen, but north of George Eliot Gardens, the river is hidden away - even entirely covered by the Asda/retail park car park. Vastly underutilised and underappreciated.

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Got a few miles in by going out with the camera, taking pictures along the rather unloved River Anker in , tracing the route as close as possible (i.e., not that doable) between Anker Mills and Asda.

Nice day in including the + Abbey Fields Park. Sadly, the latter is a cycle-hostile space that would, if permitted, serve as a useful link. But it's prohibited on all paths I saw. Oddly though, the central swimming pool building has cycle racks 🤔

Well, that was a lot of fun. I love this show, and social media makes it that much better. And with that, normal service resumes. Night all!

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Definitely overdid it with 40 miles today, making up for no ride yesterday, and no ride tomorrow, to keep me on track for my 400 mile target. My stomach felt quite unsettled after getting home. Need to work on better fuelling. Lovely ride though.

My target for May is to ride 401 miles - the same as last year's May. I'm on target for it at the moment, however if for any reason I don't manage it, I will settle for this!

This is a terrible junction in . Drivers travelling south from the B4111 to the B4114 (give way) are not forced to slow down; so, you get fast approaches like this.

The question running through my head as I see the driver approaching, "will you stop? Please stop!", as I cover my brakes and hope for the best.


Probably worth remembering that although and Conservatives are (understandably) lauding their victory today, half of the voting public did not choose them. A failure of our system is that 50% of the vote leads to a 70% win of seats.

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This is not necessarily a ringing endorsement of the Conservatives though. The turnout figure for and was around thirty percent. This is appallingly low and shows a real disengagement with local politics.

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Disappointing result in and , gaining an additional two Conservative councillors. Although we also gained an additional Green councillor as a silver lining. Shows just how damaged Labour are here, I think.

's MP Marcus Jones has been silent on the recent shameful happenings in his Conservative Party. Today though, he decided to pipe up.

Looks like he's taken a position! Deflection and no condemnation of his own leader and others.

And then a bit further up - same lorry, blocking the "cycle lane" forcing riders out into the main carriageway. This road is part of the National Cycle Network!

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This is why paint is not infrastructure - no protection or real separation from heavy goods vehicles and many drivers see no requirement to move across and give space. My offside bar end is probably near to the cycle lane line here, so pretty close to the lorry. No wonder some people think cycling isn't safe! I bet most wouldn't let a child ride here - so, why do we accept this as infrastructure?

Setting myself up for a good start to May with just shy of three hours riding out on the South country lanes. Includes my first bicycle visit to Twycross. Must be a good day for it - legs don't feel too bad for 36 miles! Good way to spend a morning!

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