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Hit me up on the bird platform: (@)MOONBBlN. Be back later!

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Good mooorrning, everyone! This is MJ speaking, and since he is fresh from the oven, he needs: FRIENDS!!! Let's be friend, i accept everyone here, as long as you are using English. So, hello?!

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English user please boost or reply this toot and i'll come to greet you!

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Tis is gowon speaking and I'm searching for lots of friend esp my members, loona. Give a reply to add this fluffy baby on your following list :] nyways, i need your help to spread the news by boost this toots 😆

147 toots in less than 5 hours.. 내가 참 말이 많네...대단하다 너 빈아

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@INTLRPW And sadly you can't reactivate your account after you deactivate it. So please use this platform wisely, guys..🥺

Fellow ENG RPs, if you happen to see this tweet and don't mind with a sudden follow, please do give it a boost OR a reply- anything is fine! I'll hit y'all up later on. :cate: What do I offer? Candies (from Halloween, I've got so many that I couldn't finish them all lmao)! 🎃

I'll see y'all in bit! :welp:

Hi!! :cwy: (do not reply with a hi) ((instead, pls let me know some TMI)) :cate:

I'm following every one of you! Hope you won't mind. :welp:

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:tiredcat: English speaking roleplayers, if you happen to see this toot, please give it a boost. I wanna see something.

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Because most of us not familiar to the concept of the open source. Maybe the official video can help.

( It's better to watch it, since to gain more information about technology that happens around us! )

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If you happen to see another ASTRO member, please do tag me under their toot.. :cwy:

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