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@INTLRPW And sadly you can't reactivate your account after you deactivate it. So please use this platform wisely, guys..🥺

@aespawinteo @/INTLRPW Hi! I'm no cookie, but I do like cookies. Do you have one? Bad news is: I don't think the full version of the emoji is available on my domain. :angery:

@sinbi The heart emoji is giving me chills.. But hi there, it's nice to see you here! :welp: :cwy: NOW WHERE DID U GET THAT ANGERY CAT

@joyoursbelle It appeared on the Local Timeline! Welcome to Mastodon. :blobcatcoffee:

Fellow ENG RPs, if you happen to see this tweet and don't mind with a sudden follow, please do give it a boost OR a reply- anything is fine! I'll hit y'all up later on. :cate: What do I offer? Candies (from Halloween, I've got so many that I couldn't finish them all lmao)! 🎃

I'll see y'all in bit! :welp:

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