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I just got The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records Vol 2 in the mail, and it might be the most beautiful thing I own.

Really looking forward to the first volume showing up.

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My mother, one educated woman although not IT literate, always ask me what should she choose when a phone app asks for some permission.

I totally understand why she avoids any sort of website/browser navigation whatsoever, it is a minefield out there, and that is just sad.

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Impressive work by noyb and Max Schrems! They're making a difference in how those GDPR banners are presented! 👏

"After sending a written warning and a “draft complaint” to more than 500 companies, 42% of all violations were remedied within 30 days"

Hey @alexisvl and @thomasfuchs

What would your next steps be regarding the above problem ? ☝️

Sorry for the mention but you seem to be the few electronics aficionados on my timeline, feel free to ignore it as well 🙂

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As there are no jumpers in the tablet to reset the BIOS i wonder if it might be possible to just connect some handles of the chip to reset it.

Thing is i have no idea which of these is the bios, i looked up the references

The closest thing might be the 25Q80BVSIG which pops as "8M-BIT SERIAL FLASH MEMORY WITH

Could this be it? i have no idea of what i am doing

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i love artwork like this so much but i don’t understand the mental process to arrive at this style, these images. it’s a form of abstraction whose rules elude me.

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I ventured further, opened it up and after no sign of a CMOS battery i desoldered the battery that powers the device in the hope that it would reset the bios.

Left it disconnected a few days and then i resoldered the battery.

Still no dice :(

I know that it is turned on because the CPU gets hot but rather than that no signs that it is alive at all.

Does anyone has any advice on what i should try afterwards?

Any help would be very appreciated as well as boosts for reach.


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I was playing around with one old tablet "insys JP4-QI8E" and turned i disabled the only usb port by mistake :/

After this i have no screen nor i have the charging indicator when a usb is connected.

Tried button combos to reset the bios and no dice (there seems to be very few documentation about this one)


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Keyboard driver where the caps lock LED goes on when you hold shift

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The Widelands Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the stable release Widelands 1.0, the first-ever stable release after the end of the beta Builds series. Widelands is a free, cross-platform economy strategy game in which players control the fate of a small tribe that can grow into a big empire

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The older I get, the more I still believe, actually and unironically, that the future of humanity really does involve the mass awakening of consciousness which the more serious New Age thinkers of the 1930s through 1970s foresaw and wrote about.

The Internet is *not* that awakening, but it is part of its infrastructure.

It's become fashionable since the 1990s to be cynical about the potential for humanity to progress. But cynicism does not help us find the path forward.

There is a future.

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"The good news is that, in May, this is all about to change. Part of the Google update is that all pages with high Page Experience scores are eligible to be in the featured top news carousel. This effectively means that publishers will no longer be forced to use AMP and can instead provide fast, rich experiences on their own domains."

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Noirlac is a tumblr blog that posts ditherpunk era “pixel art”’

here’s a tumblr that reposts noirlac and *cites their sources*

Probably you already know about SimpleMobileTools a set of tools for

But if you do not, here is the hint.
I find them quite helpful and most of all very functional with the exception of the ohh-so-orange default icon, it has been my choice to replace stock

Available on

Support a 👆

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