I was playing around with one old tablet "insys JP4-QI8E" and turned i disabled the only usb port by mistake :/

After this i have no screen nor i have the charging indicator when a usb is connected.

Tried button combos to reset the bios and no dice (there seems to be very few documentation about this one)



I ventured further, opened it up and after no sign of a CMOS battery i desoldered the battery that powers the device in the hope that it would reset the bios.

Left it disconnected a few days and then i resoldered the battery.

Still no dice :(

I know that it is turned on because the CPU gets hot but rather than that no signs that it is alive at all.

Does anyone has any advice on what i should try afterwards?

Any help would be very appreciated as well as boosts for reach.


As there are no jumpers in the tablet to reset the BIOS i wonder if it might be possible to just connect some handles of the chip to reset it.

Thing is i have no idea which of these is the bios, i looked up the references

The closest thing might be the 25Q80BVSIG which pops as "8M-BIT SERIAL FLASH MEMORY WITH


Could this be it? i have no idea of what i am doing

Hey @alexisvl and @thomasfuchs

What would your next steps be regarding the above problem ? ☝️

Sorry for the mention but you seem to be the few electronics aficionados on my timeline, feel free to ignore it as well 🙂

@thomasfuchs @BinaryUnit same, above my pay grade lol

that chip probably contains the BIOS image itself. It technically could hold your settings as well. Could hook it up to an EEPROM reader and inspect, but without a known good image it's a serious RE effort

@alexisvl @thomasfuchs thank you for the insight i am totally lost over, here it is a good direction to follow, and very much appreciated :)

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