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I bought a DKON1808 the non-backlit version and i was very happy with how typing felt.

Although...the white characters on light grey 😕 really bummed me. I found myself struggling as i often work in dim light.

It is not that i do not know where the keys are, but when focused i just want to look down punch the key and go on with it.

Gladly ducky released the which allowed it to become backlit with:
Fn + (left) Alt + C for 3sec

So i had to give it a try.

Suddenly after leaving my phone charging over night the screen became unresponsive in two zones.

Any help or advice on how should i proceed is very much appreciated.

The phone is a OnePlus 3, i will present my debug steps on this thread.

I would really like to avoid buying a new phone, the cost of this display (screen + digitizer) is close to it's price on second hand.

Really no ssh clone for logged out users?

What a cheap shot, stop shoving that pesky gh cli tool down our throats. 😡


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