I recently realized that provides different fonts for both and /#osx it seems that a flavor of woof2 with hinting is served for windows while for others it strips hinting out generating a smaller file size.

I went ahead and updated labs.binaryunit.com/localgfont to retrieve different file formats and their flavors.

Also it now works with and without

This online midi editor is quite nice, still missing a few features such as midi input but it is getting there.

Try it on a browser that supports requestMIDIAccess

🔗 signal.vercel.app/

🛠️ Enter a URL to get a weighted average performance score based on multiple geo tests. Detailed reports are then shareable via URL for 90+ days

🔗 fastorslow.com/

🛠️ I have been using this for years which have hundreds of free and high quality as well as wonderful simple interface


🛠️ Out of necessity i made this thing to use locally. It served me quite well so far so, it might be of value to you too. Please do not break 😅


🛠️ Find out who can use your color combination.

It brings attention and understanding to how color contrast can affect different people with visual impairments.


🛠️ From a long time user and even longer ditcher, i have been using this more and more

👉 photopea.com/

It supports a wide range of modern formats and it is developed by a one man show which is truly amazing to say the least.

Add it to your AdBlocker whitelist, Ivan deserves some ❤️

🛠️ This helped me a whole lot in the understanding of regular expressions. You can create, save, learn in both and

🔗 regexr.com 🔗

Regex cheatsheet with search functionality. Search common regex patterns or submit your own

👉 ihateregex.io/


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