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BabaYaga was a Mysterious woman with many secrets; she commanded the dusk and the dawn, could conjure fire from thin air, fly in a mortar and pestle, and even speak to animals and see into the future!

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Unswept floor mosaic dating from the time of Hadrian (2nd Century). Vatican Museum.

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My Cliffside Retreat camp is finished! I burned through those extra camp slots reallllly fast… πŸ˜†

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How do I turn off the advertising for @MicrosoftEdge@twitter.com on my PC lock screen? I paid for a full license, not a "with ads" reduced rate version.

A strawberry, banana, Nutella, and whipped cream crepe from KAI Sweets in Mitsuwa Marketplace, Edgewater, NJ.

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I do, I'm afraid, understand books far more readily than I understand people. Books are so easy to get along with.
- Katherine Rundell

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Freddy sounds like a real jerk, overall, based on the Cold Case questline. I hope that when I find the vault he was in, the place is decimated and him along with it. LOL.

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