Me: winds up and pitches the perfect curve ball

T-ball instructor: what the fuck

and as an aside. i'm military. r u claiming rank with the Lt. Gen.?

your post was incomprehensible so - it isnt a shitpost as u call it. wtf are you actually saying. in what situation do we not need vaccinations? and what do you mean "shutting the fuck down". ?

so is this where i can say...isn't life great without Gorilla Tits (Trump)?

so hey guys! i'm enjoying life without Trump. How bout you all?

They're having to drag his ass out of the White House - like a condemned man being led to his execution.

Sen. Hawley blocks quick consideration of Biden's Homeland Security nominee (CNN)
Remove this POS from Congress..If not - give him no voice. No bills authored or co-sponsored to ever reach the floor. Make him a first term lame duck - gawd knows his wife lives with a lame dick.

Sen. Hawley blocks quick consideration of Biden's Homeland Security nominee.

Ok - well, I wanna go with this. FUCK TRUMP. too much?

So I can say Trump sucks cock on this site and I won't get banished??

So what would Trump's note be to Biden - if he left one?

So if Trump were to leave a "note" in the Resolute desk of the Oval office for Biden (as most predecessors do) - what would it say?

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