@kelbot Without a case, printing for the letters of the keys, and a color touchscreen panel, it's a no go imo.

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I'd like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux chocolate cream, in is fact GNU/Linux chocolate cream, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux chocolate cream.

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Now that KDE Plasma 5.25 beta is available, let's revisit the features planned for the release. What are you most excited for?


#KDE #Linux

@martijnbraam @Blort @PINE64 At least we know it's just a software problem, since the android build works

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experimenting with system gestures, and preview of some plasma mobile 5.24 features
#plasmamobile #pinephone

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Don't ask me why but in Raising Dion season 2, there is a short scene where you can see @element_hq@twitter.com
and KDE Karbon in it. And also @bshah and @ara4n@twitter.com usernames appear in the member list.

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Software may be immaterial, but it runs on hardware and determines its energy consumption. Making software energy efficient is crucial. Let's build energy-efficient Free Software together!


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#Pitivi on #PinephonePro seems to work, importing, cutting, titles, rendering and audio !

Nice one, thanks for the hint....!
(it must be installed via pacman, discovery throws errors).

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Pinephone Pro eMMC (raw) speed

Without any block size tweaking dd gave me 120MB/s.
With bs=1M and iflag=nocache it was around 160MB/s.
The Pinebook Pro around the 170MB/s mark.
And the regular Pinephone only around 50MB/s

While none of speeds are making a modern SSD envious I still recall when good magnet centrifuges reached a staggering 50MB/s

I for one like (some parts of) the future

#pinephone #pinephonepro #pinebookpro

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Nuno Pinheiro, famous for Oxygen theme/style/design, is looking for coders (and designers) to help with implementation of the new O² design

#KDE #Linux #art #artwork #CallForHelp

@kemonine @kelbot The PinePhone modem has it's own CPU in it, so it doesn't matter what speed the phone's SoC is running at. Aside from that, I don't believe the PinePhone's modem can do 911 calls anyways.

@kelbot Is that on the Pro? Pro has pretty poor power management as a whole, so I wouldn't be surprised that you can't set it at a lower clockspeed than that :(

@kelbot I'm thinking I'll store the media on my NAS and stream it from that

@agustinharo Not great. Battery life is still rather poor even with the keyboard addon... So I've not been using it as a daily driver.

@scops Didn't see this till now for some reason...It was the one linked on this website: wuffs.org/blog/building-a-psio

You gotta scroll down to the "try result here" link: wuffs.org/WindEmu/index.html

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