COVID19, fake news 

"Fact check: Metal strip in medical masks is not a 5G antenna  - Reuters"

The fact that Reuters had to debunk this is fucking depressing.

Who knew you could do so much with potato peels.

The last recipe, to make them literal sweet potatoes looks amazing. ^_^

Mmm… Obfuscated Shell Donuts

In case you grow tired of clear-written, understandable code, obfuscation contests provide a nice change of scenery, and trying to make sense of their entries can be a fun-time activity and an interesting alternative to …

Original tweet :

And now the entire thing is finally on Bandcamp! I'm real late to the draw on uploading my stuff to Bandcamp, I've had a couple of albums up there for a while, but one of them is just old stuff I made while I was basically still teaching myself how to do any of this, and so getting more of my stuff up there is long overdue.

I appreciate anyone who listens!

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I can’t remember if I shared this but the Star Wars theme has lyrics on Apple Music

Learning that you could shampoo in soap bar format is brilliant. The stuff lasts for ages. It smells awesome, supposedly is better for the environment because of it being longer lasting, not packaged in plastic etc.

If I can smell and look fabulous and not kill pandas along the way, then awesome. :D

Picked up a friend for Dr. Holtzmann. I needed more fictional nerds on my desk!

As an user I have to say is really nice. I can navigate freely without worrying about some things could be randomly blocked 👍

Dropping a guitar pick is always fun because for a moment you don't know if it landed right at your feet or traveled through a dimensional tear never to be seen again

i stand on my platform, looking down at the raging sea of nerds below me, knowing that i’m ready to die. i put the speaker up to my mouth.

“melee is a game that has to be broken outside of its bounderies to be played at a competitive."

i lean forward for the kill.

“based on this, it is safe to say smash bros melee is a fucking kusoge fighting game.”

the tides smash against my platform, knocking me into the depths. as i sink into the stinky sea of unwashed gamer boys the last thing i’m able to utter is “Dong Dong Never Die is better”

might fuck around and post “melee is not fun to play” on twitter so that i get hounded by nerds for four hours

@stolas for what it’s worth i refined it a bit more. only so much i can so painting with my thumbs on a phone.

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