Three merchant wagons are parked along the path outside Shadgard! Bags, Dominion goods, weapons and shields, and a raffle for some rarer ingots. Window shop to pick up a little lore, if nothing else!

The steam crusher has been completed in Tor's smithy in Shadgard! Crush ore-bearing stone with unbelievable speed and efficiency - no more smashing by hand with a sledgehammer. Thanks to all who donated time, effort, and components!

Shadgard asks for donations of pipes, pipe fittings, and plug-valves for the smithy Steam Crusher project. Metalworkers, get to it and get credit for contributing to the upgrade!

COGG has a Mastodon account now! Hopefully it and Twitter link up and crosspost automatically.

Finally got the Twitter account un-suspended. Again. I blame the Dominion.


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