Four female students died in a nightmarish stampede at Potosí's Tomás Frías University after a gas grenade was set off during an indoor meeting to convene university federation elections.

Some five thousand students were reportedly in the coliseum. Many were injured in the rush to flee, including four who were killed.

Reportedly two of the dead were mothers who leave behind children.

Six remain in intensive care. 71–83 were wounded.

Four students, at least two of them involved in student politics, have been arrested in connection with the gas release and its deadly consequences.

The Minister of Justice names Manfred Flores Canaza as the "principal and material author" of the crime.

Bolivian student politics operates in close coordination with national political parities and is often highly contentious.

In March 2021, a contentious student meeting at El Alto's UPEA escalated to pushing and shoving and then the floor collapse, killing seven.

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