Phil Bryant, the former governor of Mississippi who signed the law at issue in this week's Supreme Court ruling, told abortion opponents, "first you need to kneel and pray to God."

This is what Christian theocracy sounds like.

May we build a country where no man dares to tell women to kneel for daring to believe it is their right "to decide what happens in their own bodies."

And certainly one where no governing official equates the laws of men with the rule of God.

Separation of church and state means many things but two visceral meanings are not having people seek to use the state to institute theocratic rule, and insisting that government official recognize the diverse religious and nonreligious views of Americans.


Three in ten Americans are religiously unaffiliated. Speaking to atheists and agnostics of kneeling before God has no place in public life. It disrespects one's fellow citizens.

Islamic and Jewish teachings reject the idea of pre-birth personhood. Jews and Muslims too do not need lectures from politicians about God or one particular Christian interpretation of the beginning of life.

@Carwil as an atheist I completely agree.
In school here in Chile it was mandatory the course "Religion" Which ofc was catholic. Even in public state-owned school. Absolutely insane

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