So, in Year 3 of the Evo Morales administration, police shot dead two miners protesting for a younger retirement age.

VP Álvaro García Linera called union leaders "fascists" and part of the "caveman, antidemocratic right wing."

In a master class in victim-blaming apologies, AGL said "I lament that these leaders are driving and converting the COB [labor federation] into clash groups on behalf of antidemocratic and fascist interests. That is what is sad today; we lament the death of two people."

This was also one of several instances where the Morales government claimed security forces didn't have firearms and therefore civilian casualties were some kind of mystery.

Seven days later, Morales signed Supreme Decree 29668 compensating the families of those killed with Bs/50,000 (~$7,300) each.


As is often the case, the killings were followed by a partial agreement between the government and the workers it repressed. In this instance, the government promised a new pension law and the workers offered a 45-day truce in mobilizations.

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