Yes but what’s important here is who gets paralyzed: mostly unvaccinated kids.

The vaccine prevents this for everyone and if you have gotten it or aren’t sure…GET A POLIO VACCINE.

We eliminated it decades ago with only vaccination. We can do it again FFS GET A POLIO VACCINE


Vaccination is like wearing a parachute while skydiving, like equipping a ferry with life boats, like fire codes for flammable buildings.

What's truly dangerous is to turn such things into a symbol of political affiliation, into a matter of "personal risk preference."

When it comes to infectious disease, we all share risk.

When it come to human death, no one's loss is theirs alone.

Our lives (and therefore deaths) are entangled. Not just by a communal or collective orientation, but by the tangible realities of causality, material vulnerability and webs of human connection.

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