Possibly the first novel I read to my daughter.

“And is not the Power of Speech the greatest Power of all? Then surely it must be exercised to the full?”

I bought this charming book yesterday.

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🌎 "Pero ¡qué se creen ustedes para sobrar la comida! ¿Se creen hijos de Goni?" 📚 En las nueve crónicas de "Los Hijos de Goni" (editorial @SobrasSelectas@twitter.com), la autora alteña y aymara @QuyaReyna@twitter.com nos hace el favor de llevarnos a su infancia en .

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Castillo alleges that the cascade of investigations are nothing more than a pressure campaign to push aside Peru's elected president.

A sixth investigation was announced today.

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Castillo was extremely specific in his CNN interview that he was not offering land, but rather suggesting a Peruvian referendum on a land transfer. The Peruvian people, and not their president, must decide, he said.

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Peruvian president Pedro Castillo, already besieged by influence-trafficking investigations, now faces Congressional accusations of "treason" for suggesting in January that Peru could cede territory to Bolivia to provide it access to the sea.

Mi Teleférico, an eruption of color in downtown La Paz.

This is Utjawi / Obelisco station.

Some calm moments as a Cooperative Miners' protest blockades a central plaza in La Paz, Bolivia.

With Gustavo Petro in Colombia as the latest step, leftist parties govern the vast majority of Spanish-speaking Latin Americans, hold most of the parliament in Ecuador and are mounting a serious challenge in Brazil.

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I'm back in Bolivia at a time of renewed left electoral success across Latin America, and continued polarization within the country.

Coming soon: an Annual Review article with @MarcEdelmanNYC@twitter.com and Melissa Checker on how social movements offer solutions to our global ecological and social crisis.

Detailed breakdown of expected impact of Inflation Reduction Act on climate.

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It's out! REPEAT Project's analysis of the climate & energy impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act nearing a vote in the Senate at repeatproject.org.
The Act would:
1. Cut annual emissions in 2030 by an additional ~1 billion tons below current policy (incl. Infrastr Law)

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Read the replies for a sample of how accusations of racism are reflexively met with skepticism.

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Injustice in black and white

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Oh, and we'll draw on this fascinating book of conversations among Arundhati Roy, @johncusack@twitter.com, @Snowden@twitter.com, @DanielEllsberg@twitter.com. theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2

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The Vietnam War is striking for how many of its lead architects held deep moral or political reservations about the war, yet kept diligently making it deadlier and longer.

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But also at how people can resist as well as succumb to this pressure.

The memoir Secrets, of how @DanielEllsberg@twitter.com was moved to leak the Pentagon Papers, is the lead example in the course.

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The role of professions and professionals in amoral compliance, and thereby (given the right orders) atrocities is pretty much the hinge point of this course.

So, Arendt on Eichmann and Kafka's The Trial.

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New elements of that balance are parallel study of the Holodomor famine in Ukraine and Victorian-era famines in colonial India.

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The premise of the course is to examine deliberate but disastrous policies like airplane crash investigators.

What do they reveal about the machinery of state that allowed them to happen? What methods do people have to avoid them in the future?

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One month from now I start my class, States and Their Secrets, with a renewed focus (in light of Ukraine) on deliberately orchestrated famine, secret wars, and nationalism within and against empire.

Even less do they match the requirements nominally mandated by the Obama administration for drone killings: a target constituted a “continuing imminent threat to U.S. persons.”

Instead this was a punitive execution of a retired terrorist. 4/5

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