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🎫 🇺🇸 w/ 🐦 @YvngError begins tomorrow if doesn’t make waves first! Subscribe on YT for 4 weekly livestreams & vlogs to come! ()

Music as press release:

FYI fellow artists: @Spotify deprecated follow button during Holidays. Was using the iFrame on but now switched to a simple page link. @ajlkn may wanna consider building something on Follow API ()

Signing off for FirstWeek this week with the Unboxing for the phone for this year: Punkt MP02. Monthly vlogs now on my YouTube channel primarily rather than personal blog (but Vimeo links still in description)

Sorry to see you go @spitfire_bars | highlights coming to new open archive at (probs /cs for ) tmr

(watch review comparing Thomas Cromwell to Dom Cummings in FirstWeek vlog) Finished reading: Dark Fire: A Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery (Matthew Shardlake Mysteries Book 2) by C. J. Sansom 📚 ()

Finished reading: The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 📚 (). Possibly the best collection, good of him to bring him back.

FirstWeek vlog | No Phone! Next year: @Punkt MP02 | 💿 @SlickKing_ | 📚 CJ Sansom's Shardlake --- (12/12 FirstWeek 2021 ):

Thx @Vardy7 for coming up to the stand to say Hi after gifting us that point in !! — (only J.king! Safe 🎂Jakey )

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