... Pardon? On m'a demandé de montrer une faille dans XIII ? LE JEU VIDEO XIII que je connais depuis des années?

Mais... Mais non, je peux pas quand même. Bon allez, rappel de plein de failles de mapping dans le jeu.


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Bon, maintenant que mes soucis de setup sont réglés, sur quelle version je stream Phantom Hourglass ?

🔁 RT pour la version US (*)
♥️ Like pour la version FR

(*) en français mais avec les incroyables « Touche quelqu’un pour lui jaser » ou « Je te pompe, Link ! » dans le script.

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I have added 2 European servers for Deathmatch Classic, an official Quake 1 tribute mod in Half-Life !

More info: ko-fi.com/post/DM-G2G3CUI2V

Okay so since I wasn't able to get Speed of Sound mashups, I decided to create my own.

5 minutes later, I made this. AND THAT IS SO UNEXPECTED to work that perfectly with Super Mario Odyssey musics👀

HEEEEEEEELP SEND ME SPEED OF SOUND MASHUPS (other than the known Speed of Kirb ones)


Oh, and there are a lot of fixes and tweaks already done. I planned to release the builds on Ko-Fi but stepped down at that point. You can find them on DNF01 & Duke4's discord communities instead.

I'll still mini-promote it anyway.

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The more I dig through the source of DNF01, the more I really find the code interesting... Yet they also seemed to make everything through the Engine classes, and not a dedicated one... Which is a weird decision, but I can understand.

I'm on it for 3 days and I'm tired already.

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⚡ Game Update 3 also brings:

- New accessibility menu with many new options
- Gameplay settings to increase or decrease combat
difficulty, reprise number, and game speed
- HUD and UI customization options
- Improved menu navigation

🐦🔗: twitter.com/deathloop/status/1

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